• TaxHack is a new project based in Manchester, where the techniques and tools of open data will be used to support the tax justice movement.


  • This blog is a space for ideas on how the talents of the open data community – analysing, coding, developing – can contribute to making tax justice a reality in the UK. It will also provide an archive for datasets and methods which have been tried and tested along the way.
  • Hackdays will be organised with a specific focus on issues of tax avoidance, tax haven usage, and corporate secrecy.


  • TaxHack is about using the technology and ethos of open data for tax related journalism and for making this information available and accessible to the wider public.
  • In the context of deepening austerity and a government that uses the language of ‘open’, while at the same time failing to deal with corporate secrecy or massive tax avoidance, TaxHack is a platform for people who want to bring a fairer tax system to the UK and explore how open data can improve transparency and democracy as a whole.
  • Exposing instances of corruption and abuse of the UK tax system will undoubtedly create as many questions as it will answer, so in the process we hope to pressure the public and private sector to release more data.

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