Data Expeditions as a Model for TaxHack #opendata #hackday #NHTG13 #taxjustice

The philosophies and ethos proposed by the group Data Expeditions is a brilliant example of how TaxHack would like to conduct its research:

“Data Expeditions are quests to map uncharted territory, discover hidden stories and solve unsolved mysteries in the Land of Data… We set you a challenge, group you into a team and you decide how to tackle the mountain ahead of you.”

To see how they used the hackday format to engage in a tax-justice-style quest, check out the experiences of Data Expeditions at MozFest, where there quests were: “delving into the data surrounding extractive industries and oil mines; exploring possible causes for a dramatic plummet in life expectancy in central Africa; and burrowing into the grimy world of tax havens.

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